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Mental Health Powers Performance: Why Mental Health May Be Your Best Arsenal as a Coach

October 1, 2022   •   Vol. 22, No. 4

Natalie Durand-Bush, Jennifer Misurelli, and Mikaela Papich

Long ignored by the world of sport, mental health as a significant performance factor has now entered public consciousness not least because high-profile Olympic athletes, including gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Michael Phelps, tennis player Naomi Osaka, and alpine skier Lindsay Vonn, have chosen to reveal their debilitating struggles with depression and its effects upon performance.

Closer to home, Canadian high performers such as beach volleyball player Melissa Humena-Parades, trampoline specialist Rosie MacLennan, and pole vaulter Alysha Newman have spoken openly about their mental struggles, defying the stigma that has for so long kept such struggles a deep, dark, and shameful secret.

For coaches, understanding the impact, positive and negative, of mental health on your athletes’ performance is essential in today’s stressful and complex world. The three authors of the latest Journal article share their professional expertise and personal experience as they describe a series of comprehensive tactics and self-evaluation tools that “promote and protect well-being in training and competition environments …”

This powerful article is sure to guide coaches to the realization that “there is considerable power in mental health.” It is an essential read. - Sheila Robertson, Journal Editor

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