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Coaching Association of Canada celebrates milestones at this year’s Partners Congress

May 31, 2021

50th Anniversary marks 2 million records of coach training in Canada 

June 1, 2021 – OTTAWA (ON)  On June 1 & 2, delegates of sport organizations from across Canada are gathering virtually for the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) annual Partners Congress. Despite the setbacks in sports activities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, interest and engagement continues to be strong and vital as all plan for a safe return to sport moving forward.  

Partners Congress is an annual event which brings together members of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) partnership including coaches, coach developers, and administrators who develop, implement, and deliver coach education and programming to better serve athletes and players at all levels of sport. The two-day event offers a full schedule of learning opportunities for delegates to share best practices, new information and partake in professional development to enhance their abilities to impact the coaching community in Canada. 

This year’s congress is marked with two major milestones. The CAC is celebrating its 50th year of being at the very heart of sport in Canada. The organization’s focus on the athletes’ experience is deep-rooted, dating back to 1971 when it first established standardized coach education requirements for a nation on the cusp of hosting the world.  

The CAC has since grown and flourished to surpass the 2M mark of records of coaches trained and certified through the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) and its partners. The CAC’s programs permeate all levels of sport, deliver excellence in coach education, sport safety, and lifelong learning alongside hundreds of national, provincial, and territorial sport partners.  

“After five decades, the CAC remains committed to working with our partners to build a sport system able to engage, serve and inspire our communities. We thank the leaders who came before us, and helped innovate the future of coaching, welcomed diversity, and embraced challenges,” says Lorraine Lafrenière, Chief Executive Officer at the CAC. “We are grateful to serve the coaches of tomorrow, who will continue to nurture a united sport system, in building a diverse, safe, and inclusive sport system, for all athletes and participants,” adds Paul Carson, Chair, CAC Board of Directors. 

Our 50th anniversary tribute video to be showcased at the Partners Congress is available for viewing below.


About the Coaching Association of Canada 

The Coaching Association of Canada unites stakeholders and partners in its commitment to raising the skills and stature of coaches, and ultimately expanding their reach and influence. Through its programs, the CAC empowers coaches with knowledge and skills, promotes ethics, fosters positive attitudes, builds competence, and increases the credibility and recognition of coaches. 

About the National Coaching Certification Program 

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a standardized coach education program available and accessible throughout Canada.  Identified as a world leader in coach education, the NCCP ensures all coaches receive training based on best practices in instructional design, ethical decision-making, and with content that is relevant, current, and which leads to the development of competent coaches.  The NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is designed and delivered in partnership with the Government of Canada, 65 National Sport Organizations (NSOs), 13 Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs), and the Coaching Association of CanadaTM



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