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The first step of this program is the completion of the Advanced Coaching Diploma in one of the Canadian Sport Institutes across the country. Coaches can then move on to CDAG’s sport specific training and evaluation.

The sport-specific curriculum of the CDAG program consists primarily of hands on learning opportunities where coaches work and learn from high performance sport specialists. The objective for these tasks is to provide coaches with the opportunity to collaborate with professionals to build a better sport program for all athletes they coach but primarily aimed at athletes in the Training to Compete stage of development. The effectiveness of the CDAG practical program relies heavily on the efforts of the coach to find the best possible specialists to work with and use their expertise and knowledge to affect better coaching outcomes for their athletes.

CDAG training and evaluation components:

  1. Attend a cross country skiing High Performance coaching seminar and submit critical review
  2. Integration of Sport Physiologist into training program design
  3. Integration of Sport Psychologist into training program design
  4. Analysis of trends in technique, tactics and biomechanics
  5. Helping Athletes Achieve Sport/Life Balance
  6. Assisting and leading international racing trips
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