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This two day workshop provides an exceptional foundation for your coaching career and introduces new coaching methods that will enhance both your coaching and your program’s effectiveness.

Through a mix of classroom and hands-on learning on the ice, this workshop focuses on:

  • Preparing coaches to plan and execute fun and safe practices for their players;
  • Introducing basic and more complex technical and tactical elements relevant to ringette;
  • Providing an opportunity for coaches to practice the above elements on the ice;
  • Preparing coaches to plan for an entire season of ringette, ensuring their athletes abilities progress over the course of the season; and
  • Ensuring coaches are aware, and understand the guiding principles of Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) in order to appropriately plan their seasons.
  • Coaches working with competitive youth players in U12 and higher; and
  • Recreational ringette coaches working with older athletes in the Active for Life stage of Long-term Athlete Development.
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