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Type: In-Class Workshop
Duration: Six hours

Designed for the first-time coach of athletes in the FUNdamentals stage (ages 6-8 females/6-9 males) of athlete development, this six-hour, in-class and in the gym workshop will help you understand who you are coaching, provide you with the basic skills for planning a practice, and show you how to teach those skills in a fun and inclusive way. 

This workshop will give you all of the tools you need to hit the court with confidence as a first-time children’s basketball coach.

Over the course of six hours, this in-class and on-court workshop will help you:

  • Understand the level of athlete you are coaching (typically children between the ages of 6-10);
  • Equip yourself with basic tools to plan safe, fun and effective practices;
  • Learn how to teach basic basketball skills from a games approach in a fun and inclusive way.


  • Anyone with limited or basic basketball experience who wants to get involved at the community level to coach children’s basketball;
  • Parents/guardians volunteering with their child’s basketball program;
  • Coaches looking to transfer their coaching knowledge in order to acquire games approach drills and an understanding of this age group.
  • Assistant coaches that want to further their knowledge of basketball and contribute in building their athlete’s skills


You would coach players with little to no previous basketball experience – typically children aged 6-10 in the FUNdamentals stage of Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD).

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