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Become an NCCP trained coach through the following series of workshops which are designed to be taken in order.

  1. Introduction: Coaches will learn the components of Gymnastics Canada’s 3F philosophy (Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals), as well ascommon safety tips and fundamental movement patterns in this 8-hour course that covers common topics for all gym sports.
  2. Theory: During this theory course, coaches will learn how to apply an ethical decision making process to coaching and find out how to effectively plan a practice.
  3. Discipline specific:

    Active Start: Designed for coaches that work with preschool aged children, this in-gym course is an introduction to the Active Start (AS) approach, the AS child, the AS lesson, and the AS program.

    Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, or Aerobic: These in-gym courses are designed specifically for each discipline in gymnastics. Coaches learn fundamental movement patterns and basic skills that are specific to each discipline and learn how to teach young participants in a fun and exciting environment.


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