Coaching Association of Canada
Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching

Making the Case for More Women Coaches in Disability Sport

October 1, 2023   •   Vol. 23, No. 4

Diane M. Culver, Siobhan Rourke, Danielle Alexander, Rabia Ozturk Kizilkaya

As our society grows more aware of and receptive to first challenging and then overturning stereotypical conceptions of participants in disability sport, so does the necessity of attracting qualified women coaches to this field become essential. Numerous studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, support women coaches’ qualities, skills, and qualifications as being vital to non-disabled athletes’ success, including “multitasking, effective communication, and empathy.” These same attributes are no less relevant for women coaches of athletes with disability, as the authors compellingly contend. - Sheila Robertson, Journal Editor.

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