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Type: In-Class Workshop
Duration: Two days

Designed for coaches of athletes wishing to compete at the provincial and national levels. Over the course of this 2-day workshop, coaches will focus on the analysis of tactical and technical performance.

Coaches interested in the Bowls Performance Coach workshop need to contact the Bowls Canada Boulingrin office directly. This workshop covers the following topics and pertains to competition at a provincial and national level:

  1. Technical Performance;
  2. Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance;
  3. Strategy and Tactics; and
  4. How to Evaluate.

In order to achieve Trained status, a coach must complete the Bowls Performance Coach Workshop and the following multi-sport modules:

  • Developing Athletic Abilities;
  • Prevention and Recovery;
  • Managing Conflict;
  • Psychology of Performance;
  • Leading Drug-free Sport;
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively;
  • Performance Planning;
  • Manage a Sport Program; and
  • Design a Basic Sport Program.

In order to achieve Certified status, a coach must complete an evaluation that includes the submission of an annual plan, the submission of three practice plans with an emergency action plan, an observation of the implementation of one of these practice plans, and an observation of team support at a competitive event. Online evaluations for Make Ethical Decisions, Managing Conflict, and Leading Drug-free Sport must also be completed in order to achieve Certified status.

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