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Request for Proposal: Coaching Research

December 1, 2019

Master Learning Facilitator (MLF)/Learning Facilitator (LF) Efficacy

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is working with its partners to develop a comprehensive Coach Developer System. As part of that process, the CAC and its partners are looking to select a researcher or team of researchers to assess and review the efficacy and consistency of the training, development, and support of Learning Facilitators in soccer, baseball, and hockey and to what extent that training impacts the nationally standardized delivery of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in those sports.

The successful proposal will:

  • include the CVs of the individual(s) responsible for the evaluation and their relevant qualifications;
  • propose an effective research methodology that will meet the requirements and budget as described in Appendix A; it is expected that data collection will be conducted in at least three regions per sport;
  • provide timelines required for the evaluation;
  • identify a dissemination plan;
  • be 3 pages single spaced maximum.

Deadline for submission is September 30, 2013.

Please forward inquiries to:

Kathy Brook

Senior Coaching Consultant, Coaching Association of Canada



NCCP LF Research Study for Soccer, Baseball, and Hockey

Research/Evaluation Requirements

Budget: $24,000
Project Objectives

1.     Evaluate the consistency and efficacy of the training, development, and support process for LFs in soccer, baseball, and hockey;

2.     Determine the extent of national National Sport Organization (NSO) standardization based on adherence to the learning design of the workshops and the CAC competencies of LFs;

3.     Develop a series of specific recommendations for the three NSOs involved;

4.     Provide a comparative analysis between the three NSOs to create best practices and determine gaps;

5.     Utilize results to provide recommendations for all NSOs;

6.     Utilize results to adjust MLF/LF training design for sport-specific MLFs/LFs.


For additional information contact Kathy Brook at


Deadline for submission: September 30, 2013

Grant awarded: October 15, 2013

Interim report: March 31, 2014

Final report: October 15, 2014

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