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Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle

  • Yukon Territory


The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle is a non-profit society dedicated to the advancement of Aboriginal recreation and sport in the Yukon. We do this through a variety of programs to increase participation and skill levels and to increase awareness. We are the sport governing body for Arctic Sports, Dene Games, Archery and Lacrosse.


The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle operates by, and promote the following values: 

  • Aboriginal Culture and Traditions
    We integrate Aboriginal culture and traditions in our administration and operations. We advocate the uniqueness of Yukon First Nation culture

  • Respect
    We foster listening, we let everyone speak, we promote equality (Gender, race, age, etc...), we respect each other’s values and benefits.

  • Holistic Approach
    We deliver programs addressing the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects. We promote healthy life styles in Yukon communities.

  • Fair Play
    We promote sportsmanship, playing by the rules and having fun.

  • Trust & Honesty
    We believe in open communication, transparency and team approach. 

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