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here are two workshops for coaches in this context, one Dryland and one On-Snow. There are also several multi-sport modules to be completed separately. This context has been developed for coaches who have completed Competition Coaching: Introduction Advanced training, and work with athletes aged 15 to 20 in the Learn to Compete stage of LTAD.

The Dryland workshop takes place over five days and focuses on developing athletic abilities, analyzing technique, designing a Yearly Training Plan, and planning for prevention and recovery.

During the 4-day On-Snow workshop, coaches will learn to detect and correct technical and tactical elements to enhance performance and prevent injuries, to support athletes in selection of adequate equipment, to manage ski test, wax test and ski prep protocols on race sites, to manage administrative aspects of programs and oversee logistics, and to report on athlete progress throughout a program.

In addition, coaches will be required to complete the following multi-sport modules and evaluations:

  • Managing Conflict and Managing Conflict online evaluation;
  • Leading Drug-free Sport and Leading Drug-free Sport online evaluation;
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively;
  • Psychology of Performance; and
  • Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation (Competition – Development).

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