Coaching Association of Canada

The tragic circumstances of late highlight the unacceptable injustice and discrimination that continues in our world. The CAC is committed to support the Black Lives Matter movement and stand with communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), and with all those who face injustice and discrimination from systemic and individual racism.

As an organization committed to education and continuous learning, we have the opportunity to shape our leadership role to be one of action. 

We will listen. We will learn. We will lead. 

To our coaches, we encourage you to listen, learn, and lead by example for your athletes and participants through the resources below. These actions are important first steps in our collective journey.

Diversity is our strength. Let’s stand together in solidarity and support one another.

Lorraine Lafrenière
Chief Executive Officer
Coaching Association of Canada

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Educational Resources

Anti-racism Organizations

  • Originally created in the United States, Black Lives Matter has become an international movement with chapters around the world, including in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, of which we are a partner organization, has prepared a resource guide of educational offerings that focuses on race and anti-racism.
  • The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is Canada’s leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of discrimination in Canadian society.

CAC Resources

  • Aboriginal Coaching Modules: A training curriculum created by the CAC and the Aboriginal Sport Circle that reflects unique Aboriginal culture, values, and lifestyles. 
  • Anti-racism in Coaching: The CAC Anti-racism in Coaching eLearning module addresses critical and timely issues raised by coaches and sport organizations in Canada. To upskill coaches working with racialized participants, the module provides historical context about marginalized people in Canada, build awareness of racism in sport, and provide tools for contemporary anti-racist coaching methods – all through a Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) lens.