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Delivered over two weekends, this workshop provides an exceptional foundation for your coaching career and introduces new coaching methods that will enhance your program’s effectiveness.

There is a lot to learn -- therefore this workshop offers you a mix of classroom and hands on experiences delivered over two weekends.

  • Developing a strong understanding of LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) and how this applies to the novice competitive rower;
  • Introduction to RCA rowing technique and how to teach it;
  • Developing an effective practice plan;
  • How to rig;
  • Administering the movement screen;
  • Introducing basic concepts of training program and design;
  • Safety;
  • Race planning;
  • “Make Ethical Decisions” – a must-have skill for every coach and an NCCP requirement for all sports.

A unique aspect of this workshop is the movement screen process that focuses on eight movement tests for athlete assessment. This process allows the coach to ensure that sport activities are based on the new rowers’ strengths and weaknesses, enhancing their ability to improve and avoid injury. This engaging and interactive element of the workshop is a fantastic learning exercise for any coach, and is applicable to many other sports.

After six months of coaching, you may participate in the second weekend of this workshop. Between sessions, you will work on a practical assignment that will encourage you to apply skills learned during the first weekend within your rowing program.

  • Teaching RCA technique using drills and effective use of feedback;
  • Planning a training program using RCA Categories of Intensity;
  • Analysis of various program elements: equipment, testing, and technique;
  • Connecting the movement screen to developing an effective program for the rower;
  • Developing strength in rowers and how to teach and monitor the rower in the weight room;
  • Race strategy and the role of the coach at a regatta;
  • Practical analysis of the coach’s program using the completed assignment to ensure “real life” application.

Anyone with experience rowing at the high school, club, or university level with basic rowing technical knowledge and who wants to coach rowers in their first year or two of competition.


The rowers that you would coach are in the Train to Train or early Learn to Compete stages of LTAD. They have taken a Learn to Row course and still require considerable emphasis on developing good technique. Rowing programs could include – high school, university, club, or masters. Sport backgrounds will vary but these rowers are novices and are just beginning to compete.

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