Coaching Association of Canada
Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching

Recognizing and Responding to Teen-Dating Violence: Implications for Women Coaches

July 1, 2023   •   Vol. 23, No. 3

Gretchen Kerr, Aalaya Milne, Anthony Battaglia, Ashley Stirling, Andrea Woodburn and Isabelle Cayer

Once again, Journal authors raise the bar by conducting a lucid and thorough examination of teen-dating violence (TDV), a worrisome and contentious subject that must be addressed by Canada’s sport community if it is to be curbed and athletes of all genders protected. 

Beginning with a thorough analysis of the contemporary situation regarding teen dating relationships, which is exacerbated by the pervasive influence of social media, three forms of TDV - psychological, physical, and sexual – are explained. Also explained are the distressing, even dangerous, effects of TDV, the pervasiveness of which continues to be under-estimated. The article stresses the importance of coaches, especially women coaches, in developing the knowledge and skills to competently handle situations in which an athlete is experiencing TDV and other unhealthy practices. 

Importantly, the authors describe a four-goal project that will “assist coaches in recognizing, preventing, and addressing TDV and promoting healthy relationships in and through sport.” Our thanks to the Public Health Agency of Canada for making this essential project possible through a grant to the Coaching Association of Canada and a research team at the University of Toronto. - Sheila Robertson, Journal Editor.

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