Coaching Association of Canada

NCCP Delivery

The NCCP COVID-19 Task Force, in consultation with the Partnership and medical and legal professionals, has produced guidelines in line with public health measures to help NCCP Partners mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as they return to in-person delivery.

Resources for In-Person NCCP Delivery

These resources are based on Public Health of Canada guidelines to prevent infection and reduce risk of the spread of COVID-19 during in-person workshop. They are not intended to overrule or contradict Provincial or Territorial Public Health guidelines or sport-specific guidelines.

  • Technical Document providing safety considerations and guidelines to implement during in-person NCCP delivery
  • Printable 11x17 poster with safety guidelines for your classroom(s)

Overview of COVID-19 NCCP Delivery Task Force

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) struck a COVID-19 NCCP Delivery Task Force to consider the impact on NCCP delivery (including training and evaluation) given current restrictions on in-person gatherings and social distancing guidelines. This Task Force convened its initial meetings in April 2020, following an open call to NCCP Partners to participate on the committee.

Initial meetings focused on identifying potential gaps, issues, and risks facing NCCP delivery partners, including National Sport Organizations (NSOs), Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs), Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs), and local clubs. The Task Force also considered recommendations for requirements for NCCP Coach Developers for online delivery.

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