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Supporting Mentees through the CAC’s Training for Effective Mentees

November 12, 2021

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has recently launched new workshop resources to support mentorship models. The CAC’s Training for Effective Mentees were created to support mentees to better understand their role within a mentorship model. 

Organizations that incorporate mentorship models are encouraged to use the free materials to host and facilitate the training to support the mentees within their program. 
"The launch of the new Training for Effective Mentees resources give sport organizations the opportunity to utilize additional tools to prepare mentees to be successful in a mentorship and understand the role they play in a mentor-mentee relationship. Our goal is for sport organizations to administer this training to assist mentees in making the most out of their experience in the various mentorships offered within the sport community in Canada." - Isabelle Cayer, Director, Sport Safety, Coaching Association of Canada.
The downloadable package includes the Mentee Workbook, a Learning Facilitation Guide and accompanying PowerPoint. Interested Sport Organizations may download the resources directly in order to host and facilitate the training for interested mentees. The files are available for print, or to share electronically as fillable PDFs. 
After completing Training for Effective Mentees, mentees will be able to:  

  • Understand the role as a mentee  
  • Develop connections with other participants   
  • Gain the skills, knowledge, and tools to engage 

Quality connections and tangible resources built through mentorship are a core part of the coaching landscape in Canada. For the mentee, mentorship has shown to increase learning, motivation, self-efficacy and productivity, greater compensation, decrease feelings of isolation, greater career mobility, and overall increase in career and self-satisfaction. (Higgins, 2000; Kay & Wallace, 2010; Soklaridis et al., 2014) By supporting mentees to ensure they understand their role and educating them on how to make the most of their participation in a mentorship program, organizations can increase the effectiveness of their program overall. 
Download the training package here.
The CAC will be hosting a launch event to showcase these resources and host their own training workshops. Join us to learn more on November 30 at 12:00 noon ET. Register here.
This project was made possible with financial support from the Sport Information Resource Centre’s Researcher/Practitioner Match Grants
For questions about hosting Training for Effective Mentees please contact Andrea Johnson

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