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Type: In-Class Workshop

Coaches looking to develop athletes at the senior high school, university, and college levels will benefit from this program. Three modules make up this course which is part of the standard for coaches working at the Canada Games level. Topics covered include performance planning and scouting, and integration of advanced skills. Coaches are also required to complete six multi-sport modules in the certification process.

This advanced coach training workshop will prepare you to coach highly competitive basketball teams from high school senior grades to the university level. This workshop will set you up for success and is delivered in three separate modules:

1. Teaching basketball skills module (15-17 hours), which covers:

  • Principals of biomechanics and movements related to basketball;
  • Phases of teaching skills;
  • Daily practice plans to obtain optimal development;
  • Integrating advanced skills/concepts into your practices (shooting, conceptual offense, defensive loading, footwork, screening, advantages, dynamic 1-on-1, and more).

2. Strategies and Tactics module (15-17 hours), which covers:

  • Learning how to combine tactics, strategies, and technical components into your program (passing progressions, shooting, offensive and defensive concepts, penetration principals, special situations, FIBA concepts, and more).

3. Planning module (12-14 hours), which covers:

  • Important aspects of managing an overall sport program in accordance with the Long-term Athlete Development model (LTAD);
  • Acquiring the ability to monitor performance, develop recovery plans, calculate train-to-competition ratios, and adjust volume and intensity;
  • Performance planning, scouting, and how to effectively manage your staff.

Coaches are also required to take the following competition-development multi-sport workshops through their provincial/territorial coaching organization:

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug-free Sport
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Psychology of Performance


  • Coaches that have completed the six competition-development workshops listed above;
  • Competitive coaches that want to incorporate sport science into on-court performances;
  • Coaches that want to teach skills and develop programs for athletes entering post-secondary play;
  • Coaches that aspire to, or who are already coaching competitive, post-secondary, or Canada Games level basketball;
  • Coaches working with developed athletes in the Train to Compete stage of LTAD.


You would coach players in the Train to Compete stage of LTAD (athletes 15-20 depending on their development/experience).

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