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When you pass along your knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion in sport, you do so much more than simply "coach." You build confidence and self-esteem in your participants. You model good citizenship. And you impart important values such as inclusiveness, fairness, and dedication.

Safe Sport Training

As of April 1, 2020, all Sport Canada-funded organizations are mandated to have training in safe sport available to everyone under their immediate authority. If you have been asked to complete the CAC's Safe Sport Training, you can access it free of charge through the Locker.

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Safe Sport Talks Webinar Series

A Touchy Subject: The Coach-Athlete Relationship and Physical Contact

January 25 from 2 3:30 P.M. (ET)

Drawing on recent research on touch practices in sport, Dr. Melanie Lang will consider the purpose of physical contact in coaching practice and the benefits and perceived risks of this for coaches.

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Three Steps to Responsible Coaching

Coaching comes with responsibility – including supporting your participants' right to a safe and positive environment. When participants and their parents entrust you with leadership, they're trusting that you have taken the steps to become a responsible coach. Support this trust – and your own skills – by learning and implementing the Three Steps to Responsible Coaching.

The Three Steps to Responsible Coaching are a learning approach that supports coaches with the training and knowledge they need to ensure a safe (open and observable), healthy, and fun sport environment.

Step 1: The Rule of Two
Step 2: Background Screening
Step 3: Respect and Ethics Training

Reporting Concerning Behaviour: Misconduct, Concerning Behaviour and Child Sexual Abuse

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